The motivation behind being a watch culture creator is to redefine the traditional watches. We are fully aware that everyone wants their watch to be unique and stylish, so we will be more than happy to listen to your ideas. From the model of the chip, the color of the strap, style of the dial, to even material of the clasp, would be made as you wish. Be as creative as you can on your ideal watch, choose from diverse combinations, just like tailoring a suit.

For many watch fans, choosing from a variety of different movements to define your own watch is a distant dream. Through our unremitting efforts, we have made the watch modularized and highly compatible with different movements. Thanks to the special modular design of TX-1, we can now easily expand our options list and also reduce the difficulty during production. As a result of that, your watch will be delivered timely!

After our careful selection, 5 movements are available to choose from. They were divided into two groups according to whether they had the GMT function or not.

Grounp A - No GMT - 3 hands (hours+minutes+second hand): 

  •  NH35A - SEIKO automatic

  •  SW200-1 - SWISS SELLITA automatic

Group B - with GMT - 4 hands (hours+minutes+second hand+GMT hand): 

  •  515.24H - SWISS RONDA quartz

  •  5M65 - SEIKO KINETIC quartz (120pcs limited)

  •  SW330-1 - SWISS SELLITA automatic

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