Introducing CRESTICAL

The ultimate titanium dive watch with 2700hv Scratch Resistance.

After over two years of design, iteration and prototyping, we proudly present TX-1 with a better value for the watches. It maintains the definitive dive watch silhouette of the classic diving watch, also injected its own unique design style. It is lightweight and sturdy. 

The watch of your own design

The motivation behind being a watch culture creator is to redefine the traditional watches. We are fully aware that everyone wants their watch to be unique and stylish, so we will be more than happy to listen to your ideas. From the model of the chip, the color of the strap, style of the dial, to even material of the clasp, would be made as you wish. Be as creative as you can on your ideal watch, choose from diverse combinations, just like tailoring a suit.


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